Everything in this section is designed to be taken and re-used to help organisations achieve greater digital transformation. All assets are under non-commercial Creative Commons licence so use them however you like but please remember to credit The New Reality. New take aways will be added regularly.

20 ways to digital transformation poster

A poster summarising some of the best advice offered in the New Reality interviews

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Digital transformation in 50 soundbites presentation

This presentation shares 50 of the pithiest and most insightful quotes from across The New Reality's interviews

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Barriers and opportunities in digital transformation - SUmmary

A presentation summarising some of the key findings from the study. Originally presented at the launch on 28 May.

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Themes in brief 

Not got time to read the full report? This is what you need!

Each of the 6 main themes: Leadership, Culture, Infrastructure, Innovation, Funding and Service Delivery - summarised in 6 slides each.

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Webinar: 7 tips for digital transformation

A webinar hosted by NCVO sharing 7 of the key insights from The New Reality. (43mins)